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Feb 14, 2013 7:30am PST
. [ narrator ] a hospital is like a small city, with specific rules that govern its operation. day and night, teams of professionals care for patients. good. [ announcer ] their goal is to help people get well. [ narrator ] even the food they serve is part of the treatment. [ narrator ] hospitals limit the hours and the number of visitors patients may have. how are you feeling ? i'm doing very well. it's so nice to see you. you too. these are for you. [ narrator ] because medical care is expensive, hospital stays tend to be short. patients may still need weeks of home care before they can return to normal activities. the hospital: a different world. a world that never sleeps. what are you all doing here at this hour ? you are early. so are you. we're early probably for the same reason you're early: to make sure the cafe is open as usual. the way mr. brashov would surely want it. do you know what mr. brashov would say to all of you, don't you ? yes. he would say "i am not paying you overtime for this !" and he would also say, "thank you." so, how is mr. br
Feb 15, 2013 4:30am PST
communist rulers. albanian still has hundreds of thousands of bunkers. romania has a monstrous government palace. in bulgaria, entire cities of prefabricated high-rises are still a visible reminder. they were built to house factory workers, and when the factories closed after the collapse of the soviet union, many of these concrete slabs were quickly threatened with the case until the students came. >> they love and usual venues like this one in the southern district. welcome to a new party zone inp. 30,000 students live here. most of them in prefab high rises. there's no other place like this anywhere in the european union. they do not mind the socialist image attached to the concrete blocks. it fits their needs perfectly. >> the great mixture of everything. the party places like discos, restaurants, cafes, and everything. i think that this gives a great opportunity for students to communicate with other people, to be in different situations. >> antoine is a member of the student union. he represents the interests of the students. the 60 housing blocks at the foot of the mountains date b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2